Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

President Bill Clinton as the Recipient of the 2013 Lincoln Leadership Prize

 The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation announced today that it will award its prestigious Lincoln Leadership Prize to the 42nd President of the United States, President Bill Clinton, during a special dinner to be held at the Hilton Chicago on May 4. This annual award honors outstanding individuals for a lifetime of service in the spirit of 16th President Abraham Lincoln. This is the first time the prize will be awarded to a former president of the United States. It is intended to honor individuals who manifest great strength of character, individual conscience, and an unwavering commitment to the defining principles of democracy.

We are delighted to present this year's Lincoln Leadership Prize to former President Bill Clinton, whose successful presidency and stature as an international statesman truly exemplify President Lincoln's conscience, spirit and leadership," said Wayne W. Whalen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation. "His lifetime commitment to public service defines the very characteristics of President Lincoln's legacy as one of the great leaders of our country.";_ylt=A2KJ2PZD8CxRL3oADUbQtDMD

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