Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Clinton Global Initiative AMERICA 2011 Videos

For those like me who missed this wonderful 2-day meeting, you can watch videos at your convenience .

Slideshow Bill Clinton said electric cars key to economic rebound

Chicago is in line to be the next big city for job expansion, former U.S. President Bill Clinton said Thursday.

"It's not just centrally located, but it represents all the promise of American future, and some of the problems that America needs to solve," Clinton said Thursday of why he decided to host his Clinton Global Initiative jobs summit in the Windy City.


Building a better world: Clinton Foundation annual report

Today at CGI America, people, businesses, governments and
nonprofits came together to rethink America's economic future. We've
applied this collaborative model all over the world to change lives for
the better. Watch our work in action at our online annual report, "Building a Better World."

July Programs at the Clinton Center

In July, the Clinton Center continues to celebrate the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley. Both exhibits, "Elvis" and "Elvis at 21: Photographs by Alfred Wertheimer," explore the life and legacy of an American icon. Additionally, the Center is calling future rock stars to step up to the mic and join in the fun at the second session of Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp. The Center offers free admission on July 4th to celebrate Independence Day. All this and more.

VIDEO Clinton Foundation Teams up with PGA Tour and Humana

The Clinton Foundation is teaming up with the PGA Tour and Humana to host the "Humana Challenge" tournament in La Quinta, California – and challenging participants to focus on health and well being. Watch the video below. latter part of video!!!!

Bill Clinton's job summit CGI-America webcast live Thursday

Bill Clinton's job summit will be webcast live today

VIDEO ABC Bill Clinton Network Exclusive: Proposes Debt Impasse Deal, but Fears GOP Too Hamstrung by Ideology

"What I'd like to see them do is agree on the outlines of a 10-year plan and agree not to start either the revenue hikes or the spending cuts until we've got this recovery underway," Clinton added. "The confidence that the Republicans say would be given to investors with a budget plan, they'd get whether we started this year or next year or the year after that, for that matter."

Bill Clinton Says U.S. Lacks Planning Needed for Global Success

Clinton said the nation needs to find a better mix for the proportion of the U.S. gross domestic product that is represented by federal spending and taxes.

“We can’t afford to spend 25 percent of GDP on government expenditures,” he said. “I don’t think we can afford to tax at only 15 percent of GDP, either, which is about where we are.”

He called for a 10-year plan that would allow Americans to have a better sense of “what we think would be a competitive level of revenues and a competitive level of expenditures.”

Declan Kelly to work with Bill Clinton and Tony Blair

Declan Kelly, who recently resigned as US special economic envoy to Northern Ireland, is to join forces with Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.

The former US president and British prime minister are joining a newly formed company called Teneo.

Mr Kelly set up the company with Douglas Band, a long time adviser to Mr Clinton and Paul Keary.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thurs June 30 Wolf Blitzer interviews Bill Clinton

Tomorrow, Blitzer will sit down with former President Bill Clinton to discuss the Clinton Global Initiative, economic recovery and domestic job creation. Tune in to The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer on CNN from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. ET.

A very productive day at Bill Clinton's jobs summit Day 1

President Clinton announced two other commitments in addition to the Kiva/VISA microloan agreement I posted on earlier today:
1) Onshore Technology Services, a rural outsourcing firm, will create 1,000 jobs over the next five years in rural Missouri, including Joplin, the town, which was ravaged by the recent tornado;

2) The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) said it would work with financial institutions to invest $10 billion in capital from its workers over the next five years for infrastructure projects. The labor group will invest up to $20 million additional to making public buildings more energy efficient.

Bill Clinton's group offers recipe for economy

"The banks in America have well over $2 trillion in cash not committed to loans. Now, there's nowhere near $2 trillion in loan demand out there but there's some that is unsatisfied," Clinton told the gathering of 750 leaders of business, government and nonprofit organizations.

Clinton opened the two-day conference by announcing

VIDEO Announced at Bill Clinton's Clinton Global Initiative America Kiva Set to Raise Awareness of Microlending

The new program, Kiva City, set to be formally introduced this afternoon by Former President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative America conference in Chicago, aims to spur job growth and economic recovery by connecting Kiva’s global network of nearly 600,000 individual lenders with the owners of small businesses throughout the country

PHOTOS Bill Clinton's jobs summit day 1

Former President Bill Clinton, presides over the Clinton Global Initiative America meeting, Wednesday, June 29, 2011, in Chicago. More than 700 leaders from businesses, nonprofit, and all levels of government are participating in the the two-day meeting which is focusing exclusively on driving job creation and economic growth in the United States.(AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bill Clinton Seeks Private Initiatives to Boost U.S. Hiring

As President Barack Obama and congressional leaders continue wrangling over deficits and debt, former President Bill Clinton will be trying to round up new ideas to spur job growth.

Clinton will welcome more than 700 business leaders, politicians and nonprofit association executives to Chicago tomorrow for a two-day meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative. Among those scheduled

Bill Clinton's job summit Opening Plenary Session June 29 noon

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, That is , AMERICAN job creation is the focus of this 2-day meeting. The complete CGI-AMERICA meeting agenda is here

You can watch the meeting live via webcast too

Hours left to double your impact Clinton Foundation

Only hours remain to have your life-changing gift to the Clinton Foundation DOUBLED. Don't miss this chance to make your dollars go twice as far!

Give by midnight, and President Clinton will personally match your donation.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Kevin Spacey, Clinton Foundation

There are only two days left to take advantage of President Clinton's generous offer to match every dollar you give with one of his own -- so please, don't miss this opportunity.

You can give people, families, and even entire communities the ability to change their lives and build a more promising future. I urge you, make your gift today.

Having seen the Foundation's impact firsthand, I promise you this is an investment you will never regret. I know I haven't.


Kevin Spacey

Clinton Global Initiative America in Chicago this Weds Thurs webcast live

Don't miss Bill Clinton's job summit. It will be webcast live both days

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Transcript Bill Clinton on NPR today

Next week in Chicago, Clinton is hosting the CGI America meeting, with a focus on job creation and economic growth in the U.S.

And because there's no possible segue from such important work to a show as silly as ours, we'll just come right out and say it: We decided to quiz the former president and Rhodes scholar about the My Little Pony show. The famously well-informed leader answers three questions about Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle.
Here is the transcript

Friday, June 24, 2011

Clinton Foundation Newsletter Double Your Impact, Spotlight on the U.S. Economy, and more

Next week in Chicago, we are convening business, government, and civil leaders at CGI America to focus on economic recovery and job growth in the United States. Our goal is to come out of this meeting with new, specific, and measurable plans to address economic challenges in America. I hope you'll follow our progress in the days and months ahead.

In this issue of our newsletter you can read more about how we're helping transform agribusinesses in Africa and our plans to promote job growth in America. You can also learn how U.S. schools are leading the fight against childhood obesity, meet our foreign policy department, and more.

RSVP to watch Bill Clinton webcast CGI-America

Bill Clinton's jobs summit starts June 29 and his opening remarks will be webcast live. To RSVP go here

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SLIDESHOW President Bill Clinton Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award at National Charter Schools Conference

Former President Bill Clinton speaks at the National Charter Schools Conference Tuesday, June 21, 2011 in Atlanta. Clinton told the nation’s largest gathering of charter school advocates on Tuesday that charter schools put public education back in the “future business” by revolutionizing how children are taught

complete story and more photos

Bill Clinton: Urgent update on our work in Africa

Knowing what a difference food security and a stable income can make in an entire country's future, I am profoundly moved by our results so far. I hope you're as motivated as I am to dig a little deeper to extend these programs.

If you can make a gift in the next 7 days, your donation will go twice as far and help transform twice as many lives during this dollar-for-dollar match.

I started this Foundation with the belief that everybody can make a real difference, and at this crucial moment for farmers in Africa and around the world, it couldn't be truer.

Thank you for doing your part to help us realize our shared vision of a more peaceful, prosperous world.

Bill Clinton

Monday, June 20, 2011

14 Ways to Save America's Jobs, by Bill Clinton in Newsweek

It’s Still the Economy, Stupid
Fourteen million Americans remain out of work, a waste of our greatest resource. The 42nd president has more than a dozen ideas on how to attack the jobs crisis.
Great artiicle!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day message from Bill Clinton

Today we're inspired by all the fathers around the world who are working to build a better future for their families. Share this message with any people in your life who have encouraged you to live your dreams.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bill Clinton announces program agenda for jobs summit

The First Clinton Global Initiative Meeting Focused Solely on the U.S. Will Highlight Innovative Ideas for Spurring Job Creation and Economic Growth

More Than 600 Leaders From Business, Government, and Civil Society To Attend, Including Haley Barbour, Stephanie Burns, Mitch Daniels, Rahm Emanuel, Roger W. Ferguson, Jr., Jennifer Granholm, John Hickenlooper, Tony Hsieh, Judith Rodin, James E. Rogers, and Tom Vilsack

NEW YORK — Today, President Bill Clinton announced the program and featured participants for CGI America, which will bring together more than 600 leaders from businesses, nonprofits, and all levels of government to develop and highlight ideas for spurring economic growth and creating jobs in the United States. The event, the first Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) meeting to focus exclusively on the U.S., will take place in Chicago on June 29-30.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Clinton Presidential Center A Little More Conversation: Elvis Presley

The Clinton Center will host discussions about the King of Rock-n-Roll throughout the summer. Held in Sturgis Hall, the one-hour brown bag luncheons are free and open to the public.

This series is presented by the Clinton Foundation in partnership with the Clinton School of Public Service and The Department of Arkansas Parks and Tourism. Reservations are required. RSVP at
or call 501-748-0425.

SAVE the date Millennium Network event – Thursday, October 27th in NYC

This event is 4 months away but I can tell you this much, President Clinton will be there and the general admission prices are $75 and $150. These events are always hosting great artists and are a great chance to connect with others who want to help raise money for the Clinton Foundation and share ideas. There are also VIP prices too.

Updates will be posted on this blog

Slideshow Bill Clinton met with President Martelly on New Housing Project

Former U.S. President and U.N. special envoy to Haiti Bill Clinton, center, and Haiti's President Michel Martelly, right, look at model homes on displayin Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Wednesday, June 15, 2011. The Inter-American Development Bank, IDB, and the Building Back Better Communities Project, BBBC, a Haitian government housing project, will develop a large housing project, primarily to relocate people displaced by the Jan. 2010 earthquake
The BBBC Housing Expo in July will showcase full-scale models that can be used in the reconstruction of #Haiti's housing sector

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

President Clinton will be the keynote speaker at this year’s BAI Retail Delivery Conference & Expo

BAI today announced that President Clinton will be the keynote speaker at this year’s BAI Retail Delivery Conference & Expo which will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, from October 11-13, 2011. President Clinton will take the stage on Tuesday, October 11 at Noon CST. Other general session presenters include Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook’s Director of Market Development, and

A message from Bill Clinton

I’ve endorsed Janice Hahn for Congress in California’s 36th Congressional District, and I need your help to get her elected.

I think Americans get it. They understand that extreme solutions are not the right way to get out of a tough situation, like the one we face today with our economy. Janice Hahn has proven herself to be a champion for cleaning our environment, protecting a woman’s right to choose, and expanding access to healthcare. She will fight to protect Medicare and Social Security, not seek to dismantle it for the future generation of Americans. She will bring people together and build consensus in Congress to focus on job number one: putting Americans back to work.

Monday, June 13, 2011

PHOTO President Bill Clinton to Announce Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant Renewal, Honor 275 High-performing Schools at the Healthy Schools Forum

President Bill Clinton will celebrate the RWJF renewal grant in a speech this evening at the Healthy Schools Forum at the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Ark. The event also will honor 275 schools from across the nation that have transformed their campuses into healthier places and met rigorous healthy school benchmarks established by the program.

"Even though these schools do not have abundant resources, their teachers and staff are dedicated to the health of their students. Every school in America should emulate these educators by making healthy eating and daily exercise a priority," said President Bill Clinton. "
here is the list of schools

Bill Clinton to honor 3 Boston schools for healthiness

Three Boston schools will be among 275 nationwide honored Monday night by former President Bill Clinton for increasing healthy eating and physical activity.

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, founded six years ago by the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation, will recognize the John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Jamaica Plain, the Clarence R. Edwards Middle School in Charlestown and the East Zone Early Learning Center in Dorchester.

President Bill Clinton to be Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award at National Charter Schools Conference

President Bill Clinton, founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation and 42nd President of the United States, will deliver remarks at the National Charter Schools Conference in Atlanta on June 21, 2011. The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools will be awarding him a Lifetime Achievement Award, recognizing nearly twenty years of leadership. When President Clinton was elected
This year the conference will be in Atlanta from June 20-23. Please click here to register.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two schools in Canton OH being honored by the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation

On Monday, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, founded by the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation, will recognize two local schools for transforming their campuses into healthier places for students and staff.

Frazer School in Canton, and Avondale School in Plain Township will receive Bronze Awards.

Frazer instituted “quick activity” breaks during the school day, and founded Bowling and Golf Clubs for students. Staff members can join the walking club and take part in the “Insanity” Aerobic Program. The school

Griffin Creek Elementary gets award from Bill Clinton

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, founded by the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation, will recognize Griffin Creek Elementary School for transforming its campus into a healthier place for students and staff.

Julie Hill, a sixth-grade teacher at Griffin Creek, is in Little Rock, Ark., where she will accept the Silver Award from former President Bill Clinton.

To earn this award, Griffin Creek Elementary revamped its meals service and physical activity programs

Friday, June 10, 2011

President Clinton to honor 10 San Antonio schools

On Monday President Clinton will present them with an award for all their hard work on Monday. Representatives of the 275 schools nationwide will travel to the Healthy Schools Forum in Little Rock, Ark. to receive their award.

Here’s the list of the 10 San Antonio schools which will be honored…

PHOTOS Donna Karan Honors Bill Clinton, Dr. Oz with Urban Zen Stephan Weiss Apple Awards

Keith Richards, Bill Clinton, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Ashton Kutcher, all under one roof? It could only be the work of Donna Karan.

The designer and wonder woman brought out a seriously A-list crowd to the Urban Zen Center at the Stephan Weiss Studio—even in a torrential downpour!—for the inauguration of the Urban Zen Stephan Weiss Apple Awards, which honored the aforementioned former president for Preservation of Culture, Dr. Mehmet Oz for Healthcare, and Courtney Ross

Photo slideshow Bill Clinton at UN meeting on AIDS

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, left, and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon listen during a panel meeting on HIV/AIDS at United Nations headquarters,on Thursday, June 9, 2011. The meeting launched plans for a new anti-HIV effort aimed at combatting the virus

Bill Clinton ask if you can pledge to make a difference

"Everybody counts, everybody deserves a chance, everybody has a responsible role to play, and we all do better when we work together." There is no problem in the world that cannot be addressed by people coming together to build a better future. Take one moment and join us in pledging to help inspire a stronger tomorrow.

Bill Clinton's anti-obesity group to recognize Lincoln Park Elementary

A Pensacola elementary school will be recognized by President Bill Clinton's foundation for its efforts to make healthier students and staff.

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, founded by the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation, on Monday will recognize Lincoln Park Elementary School for offering a variety of physical activity opportunities for students and staff.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bill Clinton gearing up for jobs summit end of June

Clinton Global Initiative America is later this month in Chicago. Meeting to
focus exclusively on challenges affecting the United States.
CGI America will be held at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers from June 29-30, 2011. In Chicago, CGI will address these challenges by convening corporations, small businesses, nonprofit and community leaders, members of the media, and local and federal government officials to develop actionable ideas that will accelerate the transition to a 21st century economy.

Clinton Climate Initiative/C40 Hybrid & Electric Bus Program Breaks Ground in Latin America

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (June 7, 2011) — The Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), a program of the William J. Clinton Foundation, today announced that Rio de Janeiro, a member of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40), has become the first city to test hybrid buses as part of the CCI/C40 Hybrid & Electric Bus Test Program. The City of Rio will start to test buses this month with more cities following soon. The goal of the CCI/C40 Hybrid & Electric Bus Test Program is to develop a market for fuel efficient, low-carbon buses in Latin America, and was developed at the request of C40 Cities.

Road transportation accounts for 90% of transportation

President Clinton launched the Global Plan to eliminate new HIV infections among children by 2015

At today's UN High Level Meeting on AIDS, President Clinton launched the Global Plan to eliminate new HIV infections among children by 2015 and keep mothers alive. Ebube S. Taylor (pictured below), an 11-year-old HIV-free child whose mother is HIV-positive, introduced President Clinton!/photo.php?fbid=10150213105922252&set=a.80803687251.82448.65646572251&type=1&theater

Bill Clinton To Honor Gables School For Healthy Initiative

More than three dozen schools in Miami-Dade County will be honored by former President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Library Monday in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PHOTO Bill Clinton was honored last night at the Samsung Hope for Children benefit

Hope for Children is Samsung’s ongoing philanthropic commitment to help children live smarter, healthier and more sustainable lives. Through Hope for Children, Samsung works with its U.S. retailer partners and dedicated network of charitable organizations associated with renowned public figures. Collectively, these partnerships generate broad awareness and propel advancements in children’s education, healthcare and sustainability.

Bill Clinton ask Interested in running NYCMarathon? We have 2 slots available on the Alliance team!

Join our team and run in the New York City Marathon to help end childhood obesity. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation is looking for two athletes to represent the Alliance and run in the NYC Marathon on November 6, 2011.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Clinton Museum Store Bill, Elvis, Toms... and your Dad!

Father's Day is about giving a little back to one of the most important men in your life, and we have some wonderful ways for you to do it.

A first edition of Giving, hand signed by President Clinton, will become a treasured family heirloom. Have a look at our other rare signed items as well.

Then there's Elvis, who gave us, well... everything Elvis! He is remarkably captured in Elvis 1956 when he was just 21 and at the flashpoint of his career. This beautiful hard covered book is autographed by photographer, Alfred Wertheimer.

If you're near Little Rock, treat dad to a pair or two of TOMS shoes or a Clinton Museum Store gift card for them. TOMS gives a new pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair you buy, One for One.™

Check out the other unique items at our website that will say "Thanks, Dad," in a way as special as he is. Order by June 10 for arrival by June 19th.

Bill Clinton to speak at Ga. charter school conference

Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to speak at a national charter school conference in Atlanta later this month.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools will hold its annual meeting June 20-23. Clinton will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Washington, D.C.-based organization.

Read more:

Bill Clinton: universal health coverage saves money

"Our healthcare system has gotten all out of whack," Clinton said in a speech on Tuesday at the Jefferies Global Healthcare Conference, stressing the need to bring inflation in healthcare costs back in line with economic inflation.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Win a chance to spend a day with Bill Clinton

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to spend a day with someone who, just like you and me, is proud of Hillary and her accomplishments, someone who shares the convictions that fuel Hillary's current commitment of representing our nation to the world, and someone who believes deeply, that Hillary's work has made an invaluable difference for our future, and our children's future.

I'd like to do it again.Will you consider making a contribution to her campaign? If you enter by Tuesday, June 14, 2011, you and a friend will have the chance to fly to New York to spend a day with me. Donate here and win a chance to spend a day with Bill Clinton

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bill Clinton ofreció conferencia en Panamá

Bill Clinton, el ex presidente estadounidense, brindó en Panamá una conferencia magistral, versada sobre los problemas que enfrenta la humanidad, denominada "Embracing our Common Humanity" (Abrazando nuestra unidad común).

El cuidado del planeta asociado al calentamiento global, y temas de orden social y económicos enfocados a una distribución más equitativa de los bienes y servicios, desarrollo y sostenibilidad del desarrollo, fueron los principales puntos de su exposición, resaltando

Tomado de: Bill Clinton ofreció conferencia en Panamá

Photo Bill Clinton Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal

President Clinton visits the Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal during his first visit to Panama.

Clean Bill of health for Bill Clinton

this week Bill Clinton will be gracing delegates at the Jefferies Global Healthcare Conference with his insights into the health industry.
This is seemingly a topic close to Mr Clinton's heart these days as, post White House, he set up the grandly titled William J Clinton Foundation. That includes the Clinton Health Access Initiative, which helps people with HIV/Aids access life-saving drugs. Since it began, it has helped more than 2m people get the medicines they needed.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bill Clinton to attend So the World Can Hear gala

Headliner Miley Cyrus and honoree Bill Clinton will be featured at the 11th annual Starkey Hearing Foundation’s So The World May Hear gala July 24 in St. Paul. Other attendees include Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, Kevin Costner, Marlee Matlin and more to buy tickets go here

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mike Webb: Clinton’s ‘My Life’ a must read for history enthusiasts

As I prepared to sit down and read the autobiography of one of our past presidents, I had to be sure my goal was to finish the book. Most biographies can be summed up in approximately 400 to 600 pages. Bill Clinton’s “My Life” took on a life of its own with more than 900 pages. I’m glad I stuck through

Photos Bill Clinton in Sao Paulo

Former President Bill Clinton delivers a speech, as Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City, second left, Sao Paulo's Mayor Gilberto Kassab, and WorldBank's President Robert Zoelick, right, listen during the C40 Large Cities Climate Summit in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Clinton Foundation newsletter

In this month's newsletter you can read about how your support is already helping to create a more sustainable future by supporting local businesses in Haiti, promoting fitness in an effort to combat childhood obesity, and much more.
Pledge to Make a Difference
Fighting Poverty in Haiti
Fitness Fast Breaks
Decade of Difference
President Clinton Answers Your Questions

Bill Clinton Urges Cities to Curb Methane, Charcoal Burning

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton urged cities and the World Bank to work on restraining methane emissions and the burning of charcoal, saying those steps would buy time in the fight against global warming.

Clinton, speaking in Sao Paulo as World Bank President Robert Zoellick agred to streamline the process cities use to tap aid and expertise from the institution, said curbing methane from landfills and