Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Monday, January 30, 2012

Bill Clinton will receive a lifetime achievement award from the Jewish Federation of Arkansas in Little Rock

Clinton will receive the Tikkun Olam Lifetime Achievement Award at the federation’s Tikkum Olam Dinner and 100th anniversary celebration at the Statehouse Convention Center. The evening’s activities will begin with a 6:30 p.m. reception

Bill Clinton to play in Pacific Rubiales Colombia Pro-Am

The PGA TOUR, Pacific Rubiales Energy and the William J. Clinton Foundation announced today that President Clinton will travel to Bogota, Colombia in February and attend the Nationwide Tour's Pacific Rubiales Colombia Championship. The tournament will be presented by Samsung and will support the Clinton Foundation's work through the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative (CGSGI) in Colombia.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Clinton Foundation & the C40 Climate Leadership Group to introduce 50 electric vehicles

The Clinton Foundation, in partnership with the C40 Climate Leadership Group, recently announced a project in Bogota to introduce 50 electric vehicles (EV's) into the city's fleet of taxis. Bogota joins Houston and London as leaders in adoption of EV's and working to stem the growing rate of emissions from the transportation sector.

Read about this and other C40 projects underway

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

VIDEO Bill Clinton featured on NBC Nightly News

President Clinton and The Alliance for a Healthier Generation were featured on NBC Nightly News to discuss recent efforts to tackle childhood obesity. Watch the profile on our work encouraging students to keep active and how we're making healthy changes on school menus.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

President Bill Clinton will be speaking at the 2012 Energy Innovation Summit

Feb 27-29 in Washington DC

Clinton’s Vision: Aligning Business and Philanthropy

As positive examples, Clinton cites his experiences in Haiti with the Digicel Group, which employs 70,000 people, and a fund for entrepreneurs established by billionaires Carlos Slim and Frank Giustra. He lauds companies such as Walmart, Google, and Procter & Gamble for having “shifted their corporate culture from promoting social responsibility to increasing shared value.” He references the shift in the pharmaceutical industry from a “low-volume, high-margin business to a low-margin, high-volume one with guaranteed payments” that is helping millions of people with HIV/AIDS “at much lower costs while also improving the profitability of the companies involved.”

VIDEO President Clinton hosted the Health Matters conference last week. (Watch the recap)

Building on the conference's commitment to health and well-being, two health-focused initiatives were announced. The Wasserman Foundation renewed its commitment to promote The Alliance for a Healthier Generation using their athlete spokespeople, and celebrity chef Lorena Garcia & actor Reed Alexander will collaborate to create a series of healthy recipes to revamp school lunch menus.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Former President Bill Clinton Brings Important Health Message To The Humana Challenge

But the Clinton Foundation is involved now and I do like the fact that the 'theme' of the week (in addition to the tournament) is focused on good nutrition and encouraging America to exercise! In fact, President Clinton was the keynote speaker at Tuesday's national health and well-being conference titled, "Health Matters; Activating Wellness in Every Generation."

Clinton Presidential Center enewsletter

Back by popular demand! The Clinton Center welcomes back Brick Artist Nathan Sawaya. You and a guest are invited to attend this kid-friendly event as lawyer-turned-artist Nathan Sawaya shares how a childhood favorite became the inspiration and the medium for his amazing and intricate 3D artwork.

After the program, guests are invited and encouraged to tour the exhibit. Sawaya will be signing copies of his book, “The Art of the Brick Pictorial,” which is available for purchase at the Clinton Museum Store.

“The Art of the Brick” is presented by 3M.

When: Friday, Feb. 3, 2012
6 – 7 p.m.

Where: Clinton Presidential Center

Program is free. However, reservations are required. Reserve your seats by emailing Joy Secuban at or by calling 501-370-8000. Note: children are welcome.

To reserve a copy of Nathan Sawaya’s “The Art of the Brick Pictorial,” please contact Michelle at the Clinton Museum Store at 501-748-0401.

The William J. Clinton Foundation is proud to announce the 2011 winner of its annual "Ideas Matter" essay contest. Berryville High School's Ben Harris submitted the winning essay and will receive a $2,500 scholarship.
PHOTO of Ben with President Clinton!/photo.php?fbid=10150498937362997&set=a.375681147996.158513.63936082996&type=1&theater

Fri Jan 27 Bill Clinton to speak and receive “Wonk of the Year” Award

Former President Bill Clinton will speak in Bender Area Jan. 27 at 7 p.m., where he will receive the new “Wonk of the Year” Award.

The award, established by the Kennedy Political Union and AU this year, recognizes an individual’s implementation of ideas and policies designed to create change in the world, said Student Government Vice President Liz Richards.
Clinton’s speech is titled “Embracing Our Common Humanity.” Richards emphasized that the theme of the event was using policy to aid different groups of people.

Clinton will not take questions from the audience. Instead, AU students can send questions ahead of time via Facebook, Twitter or

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Op Ed by Bill Clinton Charity needs capitalism to solve the world’s problems

High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email to buy additional rights.

Charity alone will not solve the world’s problems. Capitalism can help and at the same time put people back to work. There has always been a gap between what the government can provide and what the private sector can produce, a gap charities have long helped to fill.

great piece

PHOTOS Saturday Bill Clinton golfing!/tdawg2012/status/160792819332677633/photo/1!/denisegoolsby/status/160794783999197184/photo/1!/photo.php?fbid=10150512133057252&set=a.80803687251.82448.65646572251&type=1&theater!/ClintonTweet/statuses/160558597657473026

VIDEO & photos Bill Clinton explains why he got involved in PGA golf classic

there are several videos here to pick from after you play the 1st one
great photos too

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bill Clinton charms at golf tournament: Politics and golf get along quite well

Clinton intertwined his message with his memories of Hope, who died at age 100 in 2003.

"I remember seeing him play when he was, maybe, 93," Clinton said. "He could still swing the golf club. He didn't live as long as he did by accident. I remember we had dinner one night, it was late, and he talked about how,,0,1821260.column?page=2

PHOTOS Bill Clinton spoke with local reporters in front of the Bob Hope "Shanks for the Memories" display

President Clinton spoke with local reporters in front of the Bob Hope "Shanks for the Memories" display. Humana and the Clinton Foundation are committed to revitalizing this tournament with a focus on health and wellness.!/photo.php?fbid=10150510489082252&set=a.80803687251.82448.65646572251&type=1&theater

VIDEO Bill Clinton with golf pros warming up

great video plus photos of the Bob Hope golf classic

Thursday, January 19, 2012

More new photos of Bill Clinton!/photo.php?fbid=10150508493797252&set=a.10150508492082252.378070.65646572251&type=1&theater

I am posting this one because EVERYBODY is talking about the pose. I think he looks like John King of CNN now that Clinton lost weight and King's hair is getting whiter.!/photo.php?fbid=2991771124465&set=a.1050271588190.2010153.1567742160&type=1&theater

VIDEO Health Matters Conference with Clinton Foundation

you can watch the Health Matters Conference on building healthy communities if you missed it!/ClintonTweet/statuses/160136508064538625

Jon Stewart will be joining President Clinton at Clinton Global Initiative University

The final application deadline for CGI U 2012 is this coming Monday, January 23rd. Students can apply to attend the meeting here. We'll have many more program and speaker updates in the coming weeks. In the meantime, feel free to preview our preliminary agenda for the meeting.

PHOTO Bill Clinton shaking hands and greeting fans @HumanaChallenge!!/thescga/status/160086987255185408/photo/1

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

VIDEO Annika interviews President Clinton

President Bill Clinton joins 'Morning Drive' contributor Annika Sorenstam to discuss and his foundation working in collaboration with the PGA Tour this week with the Humana Challenge. Clinton hopes for with the Humana Challenge is that it will inspire professional golfers to promote fitness and wellness among all Americans, especially younger and older ones.

Bill Clinton Esquire Interview: Someone We Can All Agree On
magazine on sale any day now

Norman Finds Comfort Zone With Clinton

Greg Norman did not expect to like President Bill Clinton, whose politics he opposed.“I actually was very reluctant to do it because I’m a bit more pro-Republican than I am a Democrat,” he said Wednesday. Norman added: “And I didn’t really like the way the first two years of his presidency was going. I just didn’t feel comfortable with it from my own personal beliefs. So I actually came to a judgment decision saying I don’t want to play because of his political position.”

Chelsea Clinton: Schools key to fighting obesity

Unlike her gregarious father, the notoriously guarded Clinton shared no personal stories during the event.
Instead, she directed the questions that came in through Twitter and Facebook to the five other panelists.

Bill Clinton, TOUR team up for day devoted to healthy living

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

VIDEO Bill Clinton tackles childhood obesity

This is definitely an important cause. Now if I can bring to Clinton's attention this: Learning how to read food labels is very important BUT I am finding many have errors. For example, how can a Thomas English muffin with enriched wheat flour as the #1 ingredient have 8grams of fiber per serving size listed but another Thomas English muffin of the same weight in grams state whole wheat flour as the #1 ingredient but only has 5 grams of fiber in equal serving size? This example is not due to one company trying to outdo the other. When 2 companies are compared I have observed even more errors. How can this be? Aren't these food labels required to be accurate?

PHOTOS Bill Clinton at Health Matters conference today


It's Never Too Early for Earth Day

President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative recognized Earth Day Network's "A Billion Acts of Green® - Renewable Energy for All" campaign to address global environmental challenges.

VIDEO part of Bill Clinton's keynote address,"Embracing our Common Humanity,"

more smart economics

VIDEO Bill Clinton praises Muhammad Ali's courage, spirit and determination

Bill Clinton praises the courage, spirit and determination of Muhammad Ali, who turned 70 on Tuesday, with the former United States President describing Ali as "a ballerina in the boxing ring".

Watch The Then and Now of Muhammad Ali on BBC Four and the BBC Sport website, Tuesday 17 January 2200 GMT.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Clinton Foundation Health Matters conference starts Jan 17 Watch it live and participate in the discussions

You are invited to join us live tomorrow, January 17, for the Clinton Foundation's first "Health Matters" Conference at You will have the opportunity to hear from President Bill Clinton along with some of the best and brightest minds in the health and well-being including Jillian Michaels and Deepak Chopra to identify strategies for personal health, and to showcase ways to contribute to the health and well-being of others. you can RSVP to be notified of conference events and watch stream live coverage

Bill Clinton Ties Economic Success to Global Collaboration

Delivering the keynote address at the 101st National Retail Federation Big Show, former President Bill Clinton did not shy away from the challenges that businesses face in this economy. In his speech, entitled "Embracing Our Common Humanity," Clinton spoke about the inequality, instability and unsustainable way of life which makes up the world today.

New PHOTOS Bill Clinton at National Retail convention

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bill Clinton found inspiration in Bob Hope's life

An enduring friendship with Bob Hope brought President Bill Clinton to the desert in 1995 to play in the Bob Hope Classic, a history-making appearance that Clinton still laughs about today.

Tuesday Jan 17 you can watch streamed live Clinton Foundation’s inaugural Health Matters: Activating Wellness in Every Generation conference

President Bill Clinton announced the program and featured attendees for the Clinton Foundation’s inaugural Health Matters: Activating Wellness in Every Generation conference. The event will bring together more than 200 stakeholders from the worlds of health care, public policy, business, education, individual wellness, and sports to identify strategies to promote and improve individual healthy lifestyles in the home, the community, and the workplace. The conference will be held on Tuesday, January 17, at the Renaissance Esmeralda Indian Wells Resort & Spa in Indian Wells, CA. The conference will be webcast live at
Viewers can follow the discussion and submit questions @ClintonTweet
by using the hashtag #HealthMatters and follow conference highlights on President Clinton’s Facebook page. For more information visit online at:
The event is open to the press.

Bill Clinton stumps for healthier America

one-third of American kids today are at risk of being overweight and obese — or already are.

The presidential cause continues Tuesday, when Clinton comes to the desert to host the first health conference linked to the Humana Challenge.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Still time to apply for Clinton Global Initiative University

Attend : our university meeting is in DC 3/29-4/1, hosted by Pres. Clinton. Students: apply now

Friday, January 13, 2012

Residents can join in on President Bill Clinton's “Health Matters” conference:

Viewers can follow discussions with Chelsea Clinton, tennis champion Billie Jean King and former congressman Richard Gephardt and submit questions @ClintonTweet using the hashtag #HealthMatters.
Conference highlights also will be posted on President Clinton's Facebook page (
For more information, visit: or

Thursday, January 12, 2012

PHOTOS Bill Clinton in Haiti Thursday

VIDEO Bill Clinton discusses his Foundation's role in upcoming Humana Challenge PGA TOUR golf tournament

Next week one of our founders, President Bill Clinton, will host its first national health and wellness conference. Titled “Health Matters,” the conference will kick off the Humana Challenge PGA TOUR event where participating pros and celebrities will raise awareness on today’s health challenges. As the first major event during the week of the Humana Challenge PGA TOUR golf tournament, President Clinton and the Clinton Foundation will host the

Bill Clinton comments on Haiti

Thanks to the collective hard work of the Haitian government, the Haitian people, and the international community 5 million cubic meters of debris have been removed, over 1 million people have been relocated, and more than 600 schools have been rebuilt or repaired.

View the Clinton Foundation's and our partner's ongoing efforts to rebuild Haiti:

Bill Clinton Haiti 2 years later

President Clinton: "On this two-year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti, we should remember that, in many ways, we are trying to do more than rebuild this country. We are trying to build it, to create a future of shared prosperity and shared opportunity, to ensure that today’s generation and generations to come have the chance to live their dreams."..Learn about our efforts to create jobs and improve education in Haiti

PHOTOS Bill Clinton in Haiti Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012!/photo.php?fbid=10150491949822252&set=a.10150491949342252.375590.65646572251&type=1&theater

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bill Clinton to address major Jewish Federation funders

Bill Clinton is scheduled to address the King David Society, the grouping of donors of at least $25,000 to the Jewish Federations of North America.

It's happening in Florida -- Palm Beach -- at the end of the March, just as the election transitions (one would imagine) from "primaries" to "general."

PHOTOS Clinton Foundation continues its work in Haiti!/photo.php?fbid=10150491949822252&set=a.10150491949342252.375590.65646572251&type=1&theater

Clinton Foundation Plans Well-Being Initiatives in Advance of Humana Challenge

Check out the Events focused on well-being and philanthropy set the stage for tournament week

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bill Clinton wants you to tell him how you keep healthy

We'll discuss why #HealthMatters at the @HumanaChallenge w/ @DrNancyNBCNEWS on 1/17. Join the conv. & tell us how you keep healthy!

A word of thanks from Bill Clinton

Thanks to our community and supporters who stepped forward to donate last month, we were able to raise over $1.2 million for Clinton Foundation activities in 2012. President Clinton and all the Clinton Foundation staff extend their deepest gratitude.
Because of this incredible outpouring of support, we are confident that our ambitious plans to improve lives around the world in 2012 will come to fruition: Teaching farmers more efficient farming techniques and helping them find stable markets and fair prices in Malawi;

Leading the charge against the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States by helping America's schools serve healthier meals at more affordable prices to more than 30 million students;

Performing life-changing cataract surgeries in Peru – with a goal of reaching 50,000 people by 2013;

Working with private investors, NGOs, Haitian entrepreneurs, and the government of Haiti to support education, capacity building, and the creation of more than 20,000 jobs.

How did Thomas Caplan and Bill Clinton become friends?

y virtue of the alphabet, Bill Clinton and I were assigned rooms a few doors from each other on the second floor of Loyola Hall. We met at a corridor meeting that evening and there began a friendship that led to our being roommates a few years later and that has remained uninterrupted, even by a single memorable argument, to this day.

Former President Bill Clinton at School 2 in West New York

Former President Bill Clinton is in West New York today to honor School 2 for its performance in the Healthy Schools Program, school officials said.

Schools in the district, including Memorial and School 2, have been recognized in the past.

The Clinton Foundation has partnered with the American Heart Association to form the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, an initiative to reduce childhood obesity "by engaging directly with industry leaders, educators, parents, doctors, and kids themselves,

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bill Clinton to address National Restaurant Association

President Bill Clinton, Founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation and the 42nd President of the United States, will address attendees at the 2012 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show on May 6. Clinton will share insights into his presidency and his current work with the William J. Clinton Foundation. NRA Show 2012 will be held at its new dates May 5-8 at Chicago's McCormick Place.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Last night in Las Vegas Bill Clinton on the value of diversity and tolerance

At a time when the country may seem like it is moving past many of its prejudices, former President Bill Clinton urged a crowd gathered in a ballroom at Caesars Palace on Saturday night to keep up the fight against intolerance, racism and bigotry.

Clinton spoke at the Las Vegas Anti-Defamation League’s annual American Heritage Dinner

Challenge from Bill Clinton turns into a windfall for Seamen's Society

A challenge from charismatic former President Bill Clinton attracted $50,000 in donations for the Seamen's Society for Children and Families over the holiday season. Funds raised will be used to enhance many of the Seamen's Society's programs such as: Preparing Youth for Adulthood, which offers education, vocational training, employment and household management skills to youth ages 14 to 20; Child Witness, which helps child witnesses of domestic violence by providing them with psychological services; Safe Passage, which is a non-residential domestic violence intervention project; and Forward through Education, which provides tutoring services to children in elementary, intermediate and high school to help them overcome academic difficulties.

Bill Clinton seen as new driving force behind Humana Challenge

Clinton signed on, committing his charitable foundation to an eight-year partnership with health care conglomerate Humana Inc. and a last-ditch plan to yank the desert tournament out of oblivion.
He will use the four-day golf event as a platform to promote his larger campaign for health and wellness.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Former President Bill Clinton heads to Las Vegas to campaign for Shelley Berkley

Former President Bill Clinton is heading to Las Vegas to raise cash for Democratic Congresswoman Shelley Berkley.

Clinton will host a fundraiser for Berkley Saturday.

She will face off against Republican

Friday, January 6, 2012

During the Humana Challenge President Clinton will discuss why Health Matters

During the @HumanaChallenge Pres Clinton will discuss why #HealthMatters w/ health experts @JillianMichaels & @DeepakChopra!/ClintonTweet/statuses/155441514540040192

The Clinton Foundation has completed a nutrition project with Shakira's Pies Descalzos Foundation

The Clinton Foundation has completed a nutrition project with Shakira's Pies Descalzos Foundation that has dispersed over 3,243,000 nutritious meals to children in Pies Descalzos schools throughout Colombia.

Bill Clinton - Still a Vegan - Campaigns for Healthy Diets

Former President Bill Clinton, who replaced his love for junk food with a vegan diet in 2010, recently endorsed three diet books.Clinton wrote of Dr. Mark Hyman’s forthcoming book The Blood Sugar Solution: The UltraHealthy Program for Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, and Feeling Great Now, "I’ve made drastic changes to my own diet and exercise routine since my heart troubles surfaced in 2004 and I hope Dr. Hyman’s new book will inspire you as he has inspired me.”Clinton lost 24 pounds in less than two years on

AUDIO 'Spy': A Nuclear Caper, With A Nod From Clinton

"I was a student at Georgetown University. When we arrived as heady freshmen in 1964, because of the alphabet, I was assigned a room next to Bill Clinton," Caplan tells Morning Edition host Linda Wertheimer. "And we've remained friends ever since."

Such good friends, in fact, that Clinton not only helped edit an earlier draft of Caplan's novel but also wrote an introduction for it.

Bill Clinton’s Vision

In his Dec. 11 review of Bill Clinton’s “Back to Work: Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy,” Jeff Madrick trots out the three fallacies that have prevented conventional liberals from understanding the importance of the Clinton administration’s approach and achievements. What Madrick and others haven’t accepted is that Clinton actually believed in the new vision of government he put into action. Read on...

January Programs at the Clinton Center

In January, see nearly one million colorful LEGO® pieces transformed into whimsical and awe-inspiring creations; Forty Two takes visitors on a round-trip adventure to a Greek island; and, the Clinton Foundation announces the winner of its $2,500 college scholarship essay contest. All this and more!

Click here for a complete listing of events.

VIDEO Bill Clinton takes in a Rangers game

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Photo of the Clintons

Los Clinton esperaron el Año Nuevo en Punta Cana.
I guess this is where they spent their holiday break (I cannot read it because it is not in English).

Press Release: William J. Clinton Foundation 2011 Year-End Report

Clinton Foundation reaches significant milestones including more than 2,100 commitments made through the Clinton Global Initiative, 13,000 schools enrolled in Healthy Schools Program, progress made in economic development in Africa and Latin America, recovery in Haiti, and climate change globally.
New York, NY — The William J. Clinton Foundation today announced broad accomplishments in 2011 in the areas of economic opportunity, childhood obesity, emergency relief and long-term recovery, global health and nutrition, and climate and energy.
Some highlights — explained further in the accomplishments by initiative below — include:

Gates, Elton John, Eli Broad, Carlos Slim Boost Clinton Foundation in 2011

More than 17,000 of the 20,400 donations in 2011 were less than $250, with the median gift about $50.

“Each of them has helped improve lives and communities all over the world, proving that gifts of any amount can make a significant impact,” Clinton said in a statement.


Guest: Up close and personal with Bill Clinton

Guest Columnist

I had two chance encounters with former President Bill Clinton the other day and was able to ask him about the 2012 election. He said — as I expected — that President Barack Obama would win. More on that later.

Bill Clinton to Keynote the 2012 Sustainable Operations Summit Produced by CraigMichaels

CraigMichaels Inc., a New York based executive-level events company, today announced that President Bill Clinton will deliver the keynote address at the 2012 Sustainable Operations Summit,, which will take place during Earth Week, April 17-April 19, 2012, at the Hilton New York.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Bill Clinton Has a Healthy Appetite for Diet Books

His first three endorsements of diets, which came during the original 2010 Wolf Blitzer interview, foreshadowed his recent burst. “This movement has been lead by a doctor named Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Dean Ornish out in California, the doctors [T. Colin and Thomas] Campbell, father and son.” This foursome has produced a collection of notable diet books: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Esselstyn; Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease and the Campbells’ China Study. The common message of these doctor-authors, based on decades of studies, is that not only can heart disease be headed off, it can be reversed by a spare yet nutritious diet.

Read more: