Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Transcript of Bill Clinton on Larry King

I will get the youtube later today. For now here is the full transcript of last nights show.


  1. What can we expect from a man who did not have sex with that woman (Monica Lewinsky.) Oppose both Bill Clinton and BO with the following poem:

    The Eve of Man’s Manipulation

    Dying for designer genes
    Trying every new pair
    Acid washed, custom made
    Branded DNA wear

    We the people have a greed
    A better breed’s the answer
    Our self-enhancing power only
    Spreading like a cancer

    Scientists increase their scope
    Scalpels, needles, knives
    Off they go down the slope
    Crashing into lives

    They break into the master plan
    And make a master copy
    They try to freeze a mortal man
    And throw away the floppy

    Oh highest tech intellect
    Think about the scar
    Think before dissecting us
    Controlling who we are

    You scrub away and scour
    And carefully inspect us
    With microscopic power
    You claim you can perfect us

    So slipping down the slope we go
    To the deep abyss below
    Design a mind, create a face
    A polished, finished human race...

    Copyright Mary Beth Lavin/Lavinia Publishing 2009

  2. How did sanjay gupta MD allow Mr. clinton to talk about "fertilizing" embryos on his Larry
    King sitin the other night? I know he's a neurosurgeon but he should realize that embryos are already fertilized!