Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From Chelsea:For the dads in your life

Dear Amy

Throughout my life, my father, Bill Clinton, has been the busiest man I know. Even now, he's constantly on the go — finding new ways for his Foundation to make a difference in the fights against climate change, HIV/AIDS, childhood obesity, and other causes that motivate his hard work. But, no matter how busy he gets, my dad always has time to be my dad — to talk about our lives, to laugh together at a funny movie and, yes, to offer advice when I need it. On this Father's Day, he has a special message for other dads who, like him, have made fatherhood the number one priority in their lives. Please take a minute to read his note and check out the beautiful e-cards his Foundation has created for this occasion. Then, if you want, please send one to the father or fathers in your life.

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  1. I got this message, too. Very nice of Chelsea to take a time out to write it. I have read many times of Bill Clinton's dedication to being the father of Chelsea, and this is beautiful evidence of it.