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Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bill Clinton pitches e-mail for Sen. Lincoln's reelection effort in Arkansas

Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) got a boost in her reelection effort on Thursday morning by way of a fundraising e-mail from former President Bill Clinton.

Clinton, the one-time governor of Arkansas, sent an e-mail to Lincoln supporters asking for funds and seeking to beat back attacks from the senator's left and right

Dear Friend,

I am going to tell you what I told Senator Lincoln this week: She's going to win this thing.

Here's why. The Republicans are doing what they always do -- using fear and misinformation to obstruct. They tried it on me and they're up to their same old tricks now with Blanche.

She is doing what she always does -- fighting for the people of Arkansas, being an independent voice for progress and using her influence to get things done.

Make no mistake, this will be a tough fight. But I know Senator Lincoln well and I know she is up to it. That's why I'm standing with her and I'm asking you to do the same. She needs to know that we have her back.

Click here to make a contribution of $5 or more to stand with me in support of Senator Lincoln.

I remember all those times when I was in office and Blanche came to me with her "to-do list" for Arkansas. "Mr. President, I know that we come from the same place," she would say with her charm. "But, I want to remind you that Arkansas has critical needs." And most of those times, Blanche got what she asked for.

She is a fighter, as anyone in Congress or any Arkansan she has helped can tell you. Today, we are closer than ever to passing health insurance reform that will make insurance for those who have it make sense, cover more working families who don't have it, and slow the inflation in cost that is hurting our economy, costing us jobs, and holding down pay raises. Senator Lincoln is one of the big reasons why.

Through all the attacks from the left and the right, Blanche has maintained a steady course for common sense reforms that matter most to a rural state like Arkansas where most people are self-employed or employees of small businesses. I admire her grit and I want to help her. I hope you do too.

Click here to make a contribution of $5 or more to stand with me and help Senator Lincoln.

Blanche Lincoln has proven time and again that she is a great U.S. Senator for Arkansas. Now that she is the first Arkansan ever to chair the Senate Agriculture Committee and at the center of the health care debate, we couldn't hope for more influence for our small state. She is exactly where you should want your Senator to be.

I know that the other side will spend millions of dollars saying terrible things about her, because they think that's their only way to return to power. That's why she needs the resources before December 31 - the last reporting deadline of 2009 - to fight back.

I hope I can count on you to join me and be there for her. Please make a contribution to her campaign today.


Bill Clinton

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