Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Friday, July 12, 2013

Clinton Foundation has a new CEO

I am happy to introduce you to, is the Foundation's new CEO, Eric Braverman. His leadership, strategic experience, and passion will be a tremendous asset to the Foundation as we shape our future – building on what we know works, and expanding to areas where we can make a real difference.

I hope you will join me in welcoming Eric. I know that he would love to hear from you, so please feel free to send comments and questions to him at

I will continue to work with the Foundation as Chairman of the Board and strategic advisor and look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together. Thanks to your dedication, the last 12 years have been simply inspiring – growing from an office of 14 people to one of the most effective nonprofits worldwide.

I know that with your ongoing support, the Foundation will continue to create innovative solutions to the great challenges facing our interconnected world.

Thank you for all that you do.

Bruce Lindsey


  1. Hello from Chuck Thompson Please click on proposal link

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    The Department of Energy Centers Proposal
    Building a Nationwide Green Zero- Grid Facilities Industry


    To bring a nation on board adopting a New Green Facilities Industry building Homes, Schools Offices, Medical Units, and Portable Farms the Countries Citizens must see it. The People must be able to touch and feel this New Way of Life, this New Green Living Industry on display; within their world where they live, work and play.
    The Watchmen Program will be a nationwide vehicle. The Department of Energy, other (federal & local) agencies, including organizations such as (WGES) World Green Energy Symposium, will place all the wonderful renewable ideals into action. The private sector working with government agencies placing this essential, renewable, change, front and center within Energy City Centers where the country citizens live, is The Adoption Key

    Complete details are spelled out in the publication titled "Reconciling Us or Revolution.

    The Proposal within is called The Watchmen Program.

    Webinar Video link is Titled Worldemergencyradio State of the Union Address



  2. The Watchmen Program Solution
    #1 Will- Better protect the nation; from Terrorist Attacks from the inside out.
    #2 Will- Nationwide create millions of Jobs for Citizens within; and Military personnel coming home.
    #3 Will- Generate billions of New Revenue for the Federal & Local Government to reconcile their books.
    #4 Will- Establish a Green Facilities Industry building Homes, Schools, Medical units & portable farms
    #5 Will- Build a universal vehicle for Educating New Entrepreneurs & Training Emergency Responders.
    #6 Will- Help reign in rouge Rulers; working with our allies defusing Threats of War & Terrorism.
    #7 Will- Give generous help to Refugees displaced from their homes globally.
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  3. Watchmen Program Proposal Funding the Job Act
    Funding for the President’s Job Act can be easily accomplished. The Watchmen Program economic job and revenue plan will provide the approximate 500,000 billion dollars needed and a great deal more.
    Worldemergencyradio State of the Union Address

  4. The G.E.P Program
    G L O B A L E M E R G E N C Y P R O V I S I O N S

    The Basic Necessities of Life
    Throughout the International Community those who are displaced from their homes can find shelter. Within The GEP PROGRAM, Emergency Portable Facilities will be immediately setup as instant Communities anywhere in the world. Our Portable Renewable Energy Facilities will strive to meet the basic needs of people displaced. Homes, Schools, Information Centers, Emergency Medical Units, Food Kitchens, with Restroom & Shower units will be established. The Emergency Information Communication Community Centers will provide Knowledge, Guidance, and Hope, Giving a real sense of Direction of how to piece together their Lives; also lending a little Peace of mind.
    The Who, What, When, Why, Where, and How we pay for it all is writing within the pages of the Book “Reconciling Us or Revolution” The Proposal Solution in this publication is called The Watchmen Program. This Economical & Ecological System will provide the New Jobs and Revenue needed. Not only for The (GEP) Global Emergency Provisions, But establish a New Jobs and Revenue Facilities Industry for the entire International Community. State of the Union Address
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  5. T H E I N T E R V E N T I O N

    Hello from The North Korea crisis has a simple solution. We all know the nation needs the basic necessities of life; food, clothes, shelter & emergency aid. Please let me provide what’s needed. Facilitate my entrĂ©e within the country. I will present a comprehensive proposal; supplying Food, Jobs, & future Revenue.

    The (GEP) Global Emergency Provisions will take care of their current basic necessities.
    Yet to consistently provide the countries needs The Watchmen Program will yield the new productivity needed. Establishing a New Portable Green Facilities Industry is the foundational building key; essential to opening doors of the global community.

    Building Homes, Schools, Medical units & portable Farms will help the nation sustain their own ability to provide for themselves as well as manufacturing New Portable Green Facilities for their neighbors. This Economical & Ecological System will help sustain the peace we all seek.

    Again please quickly send me in; the Watchmen Program can help provide immediate calm on all side of this crisis.
    Yes even facilitate a quick release of those held against their will.

    View video presentation

    Chuck Thompson 626 243 8200