Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

From the Clinton Foundation: Folks hit by Sandy still in need

We hope that this email finds you well and your family safe. Although some days have passed since we first felt the initial impact of Hurricane Sandy, hundreds of thousands of people are still experiencing its effects throughout the East Coast. Though progress has been made, full recovery will take time.

There is still work that needs to be done. We encourage you to reach out to your neighbors and communities and give whatever help you can - money, time, expertise. And even if you're not in the region, you can learn more about how to support areas that have been significantly affected by Hurricane Sandy by visiting relief effort websites for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

As we've seen through our work, when people come together, more can be accomplished than any one person or group can do alone. Recovery will not be easy for everyone, but with your help, our homes, communities, and cities can begin to make progress.


Bruce Lindsey
Chief Executive Officer
William J. Clinton Foundation

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